Pharmaceutical Design

The Pharmaceutical Industry requires us to think outside of the box providing innovative value engineered solutions to complex problems. We have provided fast track design services and coordinated all engineering disciplines involved to seamlessly produce cost effective designs with the some of the most advanced pharma agencies in the world, including Amneal Pharmaceuticals and Spirit Pharmaceuticals. Our hands-on approach and involvement with the client and their production engineers refines out knowledge with their particular product manufacturing needs. Due to the increasing pharma market in the United States, integrating rapid modern technological advancements, material and personnel movement and sophisticated security are key to successful layouts for many types of facilities. With this mindset and strategy, the final result is a highly advanced, cohesive and adaptable pharmaceutical facility.

Building Design

As the heart of our business, building design comes in many shapes and sizes. Beginning at our initial client meeting, we use a comprehensive design service, which includes schematic design to final construction drawings, and everything in-between, to design the building of your dreams of any building type.

Residential Designs

JM2 Architecture, PC offers a wide range of architectural design services for residential building types, from custom new homes, tract housing, additions / alterations, apartment plan reviews on behalf of cooperative/condominium Boards, and house lifts. We have in-house capabilities to undertake the entire project from inception to completion, including not only architectural / interior design services and also construction management to truncate the overall schedule of design and construction. Our approach recognizes the individual nature and expression of our client. We position our stylistic approach to align with the aesthetic preferences of our clients in achieving their vision for their residence.

We believe residential design is personal and is as unique as each of our clients. Our state of the art 3D computer generated plans enables virtual walk-throughs to help our clients envision proposed designs before construction begins.

Interior Design

Design doesn’t end with the exterior walls; the interior of any structure is as important as the outside. We offer a hands-on relationship with our clients like no other, such as reviewing finish selections and 3D modeling, which leads to an intimate and creative design approach. Using state of the art Revit software enables our clients to see images in rendered form on paper prior to embarking into construction often saving thousands of dollars and time in unnecessary costly changes.


JM2 Architecture, PC tenders all aspects of engineering services required for any building type. These services include structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire alarm, fire suppression and fire sprinkler designs ensuring in-house coordination saving time and money. Every project, big or small, requires sensitive engineering to ensure sound building designs, which meet programmatic requirements. Quality engineering design is essential to every architectural project. JM2 Architecture, PC is proficient in architectural engineering and coordination with all required engineering disciplines to bring the artistic vision into a built reality.

Construction Administration & Management

JM2 Architecture, PC offers construction related services to any new construction or addition/alteration project. Once designs are in the construction document development phase JM2 can begin providing construction management services to identify long lead time materials and assist with ordering materials to avoid construction delays. We often prepare scopes of work and conduct a competitive bid process vetting contractors required to undertake the various portions of construction work. We provide samples/submittals and shop drawing reviews to ensure the contractor and/or material suppliers are in compliance with our construction documents. We provide routine site visits and report to the client on the result of each visit to determine the contractor(s) are performing in compliance with our plans and written specifications. Having the architect intimately involved in the construction phase is an invaluable addition to the Owner Contractor team.

Zoning Analysis and Code Review

Every City, Town and Village has its own unique set of rules and restrictions. Our experience with these laws, rules, and regulations allows us to effectively apply these regulations to different aspects of the project. We offer an analysis on any property (site and existing structures) in conjunction with starting a new design project or as a stand-alone assessment for anybody looking to purchase a new property. Starting a project with a clear understanding of within right or whether or not variances are required is essential to planning a project. Our understanding of agency filing sequences and procedures ensures expeditious approvals. Similarly, New York State has a family of codes that regulate how buildings are constructed. JM2 Architecture, PC is fully familiar with these codes and implements them into our building designs saving time minimizing agency objections during plan reviews. We have successfully obtained state variance to building code provisions proven to be too onerous to our clients when other means of achieving the safety can be provided.

Site Designs

JM2 Architecture, PC provides site design services ranging from new design yield studies to solving site design problems on already developed sites. We often provide storm water drainage, sanitary system designs, landscape and site lighting design as part of a cohesive site plan.


With a combination of our versatile experience in styles, state of the art Revit and Photoshop software and creative mindsets, we have the ability to generate and deliver accurate artist representations of your proposed project. Whether it’s a minor addition, expansion, or a new building, we can show the projects final aesthetic potential before breaking ground. Not only does this accelerate the process, but will prevent delays and costly construction changes along the way.

3-D Modeling / Building Information Modeling

Our experienced design team offers the production of a three-dimensional computer model, for Building Information Modeling which prevents potential in-field conflicts, by coordination of trades in tight spaces before work starts. 3D modeling also gives the client a unique view of their future building prior to construction enabling virtual walk-throughs. Being able to see the building design in three dimensions is an invaluable tool for our client’s understanding of our proposed designs.


JM2 can obtain permits for new construction, demolition, wetlands, accessory apartments, garage conversions, as well as variances and health department approvals. We will collect documentation, and complete and file all necessary paperwork at the corresponding departments having jurisdiction endeavoring to receive all approvals. JM2 can also help acquire your Certificate of Occupancy, Certificate of Compliance or Certificate of Existing Use. We have a certified expediter in house and have experience within all townships across Long Island and the five boroughs.

Legalize and Maintain

Sometimes owners construct without proper approvals and permits beforehand. JM2 Architecture, PC can aid these owners in providing design and permit expediting services to resolve these matters and often avoid litigation with various agencies. We endeavor to avoid rework with our understanding of the applicable building codes and permissible exception. No project is too small.

Fire Alarm Drawings

JM2 Architecture, PC has in-house capabilities to provide Fire Alarm and electronic security design services. Our projects require a wide range of designs from basic to complex depending on our clients needs.

Facade Restorations

Every building’s façade in this region of the country is subject to deterioration from the effects of weather and freeze/thaw cycling and must resist water intrusion into the building envelope. JM2 Architecture, PC can help building owners maintain their building façades by applying our knowledge and experience to diagnose leaks and get to the root cause of the symptoms of deterioration providing long term value with an appropriate repair or restoration solution. We are capable of not only properly diagnosing the problem but also, we can guide our clients in devising a restoration program from inception to completion. Many of our restoration projects are historical and require sensitivity to restoring building elements to their original appearance. JM2 Architecture, PC has extensive experience in restoring such historical gems from state of dilapidation to their original grander.

Window & Door Replacement

Windows and exterior doors often comprise approximately 40 percent of a building’s exterior façade. Consequently, they are an essential part of the exterior building envelope. JM2 Architecture, PC possesses the expertise to accurately diagnose deficiencies with doors and windows. Through testing for air and water leakage, we can assist in determining if replacement is necessary. There are many products available for window and door replacement and we can assist a building owner in determining a system appropriate for their building. We can provide design services conducting a competitive bid process, contract preparation, coordinating testing and administering the installation on an individual unit basis or building wide.

Forensic Investigations & Litigation Support

We provide services related to study or investigations of neighbor matters, fire damages, structural damages, defective materials, or improper applications of any building material or element. Our team will search for evidence of the source of root cause and causally connected damages. Our services include investigation, document review, coordination of testing, development of reports, and expert witness testimony. We work with the client’s legal team to provide a coordinated strategy endeavoring to ensure a favorable outcome for our mutual client.

New York City Condominium and Cooperative Services

JM2 Architecture is an architectural firm with structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering capabilities providing professional services to the New York City and beyond Condominium and Cooperative Community. We offer a wide range of architectural, engineering, and construction administration or management services for various typical projects including Local Law 11/98 inspections and façade repairs, window and door replacements, leak investigations, balcony repairs, structural repairs, roof replacement, Landmark Preservation Commission approvals and historical restorations, neighboring building litigation/monitoring matters, boiler and mechanical equipment replacement, apartment alteration plan reviews, lobby renovations, rooftop decks, plaza restorations, parking garage restorations, permit expediting and more. The success of our firm is attributed to the unparalleled level of service and commitment to our clients, seeking to guide, report and advise our clients every step of the way through these projects from inception to completion. The scope of our involvement typically includes initial survey of the work, coordinate and recommend material testing to determine problem cause, scope of work, and budgetary estimating, plans and specification preparation, conduct a comprehensive bid process and assist Owner in Contractor selection, contract preparation, permit expediting, and construction administration to observe the work in progress for compliance to contract.