Plan Review of Proposed Apartment ALterations

JM2 reviews proposed alteration plans submitted to the Property Manager on behalf of the building.

JM2’s procedure for reviewing alterations proposed by individual shareholders or unit owners is as follows:

JM2 reviews alteration plans for issues important to the building as a whole.  JM2 provides review letters highlighting various specific items which were properly addressed or not addressed within the alteration package. Once JM2 has no further objections to the work, JM2 recommends approval to the Board. The Board or Property Manager then signs off on the permit applications to NYC DOB.  In addition to the review letter, JM2 provides construction administration services to review work in progress at critical points for items such as floor waterproofing, exterior openings, etc.

Initial Review:

JM2 reviews the alteration package including but not limited to plans, scope of work letter(s), specifications, insurances, and licenses.  We write a letter report of our findings and recommendations and provide follow-up review(s) until we have no further objections to the documents submitted. 

Site Visits During Construction:

JM2 typically recommends that we are authorized to conduct site visits to observe the work during critical points such as upon completion of demolition, upon completion of rough plumbing and electrical prior to closing walls, upon completion of floor waterproofing, and upon final completion.


JM2’s services on plan reviews are billed hourly. Typically an initial review letter costs around $1,600-$2,000. Subsequent reviews are also billed hourly and the time spent is directly related to the comprehensiveness of the initial review response.   Our invoices are sent directly to the Property Manager with the understanding that the Board will pass on the cost to the individual shareholder or unit owner.

 Scope of Review:

Our role in reviewing plans for apartment renovations is limited to assessing whether the proposed work will have a negative effect on the building as a whole and/or any adjacent Apartment Units. Additionally, JM2 flags any items which may require specific Board approval.


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