25 Deforest St. Amityville

Amityville, NY
Location: Amityville, NY

Type: Commercial

Size: 75 linear feet

Services: Commercial

Description: JM2 Architecture, PC worked closely with our owner/client revitalizing the facade of 25 Deforest with brick. We appreciate the earthy, warm, rustic texture and versatility brick has to offer as a building material. Louis Kahn, a famous modern Architect, once said “Even a brick wants to be something”. Using handmade bricks which have a distinct course texture, the intricate brick patterns utilized are obscured from view at a long distance. JM2 employed this visual effect to engage the observer to experience the gradual unveiling of those intricate brick patterns as one approaches the building.

JM2 worked closely with the owner and Mason to ensure the desired effect would be achieved. We paid close attention to the shape, size and color of the bricks. We selected bricks that had some color variation within each brick as well as from brick to brick. Coupled with a complimentary mortar color, the subtle brick patterns cohesively produced a facade which will remain interesting for years to come.